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Some Unexpected Statistics

While doing a bit of research for our forthcoming flyer, we discovered a load of surprising and seldom-mentioned statistics that seem to never make it into the media. For example, did you know that men are 33% more likely than women to get cancer, or that over 40% of domestic abuse victims are male?

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And, while we're bamboozled with news about the gender pay gap, did you know that men between 20 and 29 average 4% less pay than women, or that girls from poorer backgrounds are are 50% more likely to go to university than boys?

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Here are some more statistics we discovered on our travels:

- over 90% of workplace deaths are men

- men are three times more likely to commit suicide than women

- girls are performing better at primary, secondary and higher education

- women outnumber men in 112 out of 180 university subjects

- 66,840 more women than men are studying for degrees in the UK

- suicide is the biggest cause of death for men under 45 in the UK

- It has been illegal since 1970 to pay women less for doing the same job as men

- women are over six times more likely to have custody of children

- prostate cancer kills more people than breast cancer

- twice as much research has been done into curing breast cancer as prostate cancer

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