Motivate Me!

Whether it's food, exercise, going out with friends or even just for a walk - why do we always take the easy option, even though we know it's no good for us?

The first workshop in our 'Head-Space' series is taking place from 7-9pm on Monday 13th September at 'The Den' in Stubbins and is open to all.

Entitled 'Motivate Me', the interactive workshop will look at the personal barriers that make us just default to sitting on the sofa and watching telly instead of getting up and at em.

We'll look at strategies to help us live life to the full and get over some of those barriers.

The session will be run for us by Charlotte from the Creative Living Centre in Prestwich and is just the first in a whole series of talks and lectures that we have coming up over the coming weeks and months.

If you'd like to book your spot (just £5 for the session), or be kept informed of other upcoming sessions then please get in touch.