Peer Support Group

Our Peer Support Groups are open to anyone who just wants to have a chat through troubles with like-minded people.

It's easy to find ourselves alienating friends, relatives or colleagues with our troubles. Sometimes it doesn't feel like there's anyone around who's willing or interested in listening to us.

We have our Peer Support Groups where anyone can come to talk through and share problems, and between us try to seek solutions.

If you're interested in coming along to join in our small and friendly groups, the sessions are at 'The Den' in Stubbins, at a variety of times/days. We have one session per week devoted to people with addiction or substance issues, and one for general issues (the general one is 7pm on Mondays, please just drop-in).

We also have a range of in-house counsellors and psychotherapists that we work with and lots of referral connections if you need more help, .

Please get in touch and we'll let you know more details.