We're looking for enthusiastic and interested people to learn to code properly, working from the bottom up, and those interested in learning to properly code web apps from scratch. We have sessions for different ages...

...with early evening sessions for teenagers, or daytime sessions and evening sessions to suit.

We believe that, as computer speed starts to peak, there is an increasing need for low-level programming skills in languages such as C, Risc-V and WebAssembly - all languages that are only taught at university once you've struggled through things like Python.

We want to take people with little or no experience in coding, and get you up to speed on the latest and greatest technologies that exist out there - not only having a bit of fun, but also helping develop skills that make you much much more than just a run-of-the-mill programmer.

Attendees need to complete a short survey and come for a chat to go through the plans. We have high hopes for this project and hope that it'll help inspire people to become more heavily involved in computing either for fun or as a career.

To express your interest or find out more details, please get in touch.